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HI, I’m Marcus Baw (@pacharanero) and I’m the main sysadmin (or as we tend to call me, Discourse Wrangler) of the these forums. I also run the Digital Health Networks forum. I’m a doctor, a GP by background and before that I was an emergency physician, an anaesthetist and intensive care doctor. I now spend a lot of time working in digital health and health technology and I’m currently the Chair of the Royal College of GPs Health Informatics Group. I’m a Fellow of the Faculty of Clinical Informatics.

My main interests are:

  • Open source anything and everything.
  • Discourse forums and the power of forums to solve big problems and help communities teach each other and support each other.
  • Digitising child growth parameters such as BMI and other Centiles
  • Ruby, Rails, Javascript, Ember.js, Neo4j and Linux

More info on me can be found on my website and blog

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Hi, I’m Abdullah Albeyatti, a GP from Leeds.
I’m also the Vice-Chair of the Royal College of General Practitioners - Yorkshire faculty, and a Local Medical Committee representative for Leeds.

I am the CEO and Co-Founder of Medicalchain, a health tech company with a vision of empowering patients to have access to their records (be it primary, secondary or international care) and to give clinicians the tools to conduct consultations remotely whilst having access to these.

I am a strong advocate for open standards and open source and plan to share our tech as it develops.


Hi from the Isle of Man. I am cofounder if Memory Lane Games a digital therapeutics for dementia startup. We help families and carers turn memories into games with our personalised dementia therapy app. Our 1st POC Clinical trial starts in April. Our AI developers are completing our LSTM Neural Network to predict optimal gameplay for each patient by cognition level and 10 other data points (GDPR and NHS compliant of course). Let the Memory Lane Games begin! Smile.


Hi everyone!

I’m Alex Knight from Holmusk. We are a digital health/AI company with a focus on mental health and chronic disease:
We have unique capabilities in analytics, our own mental health EHR system, and apps for digital therapeutics in diabetes and mental health.

I have a background in research, most recently 15 years as a Senior and Principal Scientist at the National Physical Laboratory, leading research on point of care diagnostics and advanced microscopy (among other things).

More about me here:

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I’m Awais Khan from Rotterdam Netherlands. We are connecting people to healthy food in 60 seconds, Salad maker of future a robot, where people can customized their own salad from a robot and in 60 seconds there fresh salad is prepared.

Background in Electrical Engineering focus on embedded system, worked for hardware and tech companies in the past.

About me

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Welcome @a.khan @Alex_Knight @abdullah @bruce.elliott!

It a brand new forum so not that many people in here yet, but we’ll be promoting the forum all through nest week’s REWIRED conference, and will be uploading content here such as slides and other materials from presentations.

If you have friends who you think would like to join in, then by all means share the link with them - they can sign up here - share far and wide with twitter and others

Also, if you are pitching in the Pitchfest then feel free to create a whole Topic about your pitch here

Hi - this is Jon Hoeksma, I’m the founder of Digital Health, organisers of the Digital Health Rewired show. The Pitchfest is probably my favorite part of the show, due to the sheer range of talented people, ideas and innovation it attracts. We had almost 100 entries this year and they really were amazing. The judges selected the last 16 and it was a pleasure to meet most of them at the Pitch and Polish practice session just over a week back.

We’ll share Pitchfest presentations on this forum and I hope that the people behind these great start-ups will want to take part in this new Rewired Network.

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Goedenday Awais - a Dutch salad robot start-up - fantastisch! (and that’s getting close to the limits of my Dutch) look forward to hearing more - Jon

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Hey Bruce – how’s the 3 minute pitch timing coming along? Not sure that you can really improve on 2.57 though some of your fellow pitchers might see that as a chance to squeeze in a few more slides… Jon

Thanks Jon, be keep updated about the startup.

Hi everyone! I’m Andrea Downey, senior reporter at Digital Health. I’ve got the fab job of hosting the Pitchfest quarter finals on Wednesday - I’ll be the loud one with the microphone, you won’t be able to miss me! I’ve been with Digital Health for just over a year now, but I’ve been a journalist for 8 years, with just over 3 of those specialising in health. If you’ve got any questions on the day just pop over and say hello and I’ll do my absolute best to help you out. And if you fancy reading about what else is happening at Rewired you can check out our news site, which will feature a live blog of the event, at Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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Presentation is getting tight! Happy to add The 3 leftover seconds to whoever follows
Really looking forward to the conference!! Bruce

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Hi, I’m Graeme Allen i’m a senior project manager working for north of england csu. I joined the NHS 5 yrs ago. Previously i have worked at in the private sector for Capita & BT and public sector with the police and county council.

I started my career as a web developer and since continued to specialise in digital work.

While at the NHS I have worked a number of projects on interoperability and easing pressures through adopting change and technology.
This is my second spell with NECS, first time around i delivered:-

  • PMCF project including the STAR scheme in Tees which was implementing OOH hubs
  • ETTF projects
    This time iI am working on commissions for NHSX which have included NHS Apps and NRL.

In between NECS spells i worked in:-

  • NHSE as technical project manager for the National Digital Cancer Programme.
  • NHS BSA help deliver the Pacific programme which saved £1billion for the NHS

Im interested in linking in with like minded people, i dont think the NHS tech ask is a big one, the politics / change mgt and red tape is enormous.


Hi I’m George Platings from Waracle. I spearhead the Digital Health side of the business.

Waracle is UK’s #1 Mobile and Digital Specialist. We work in an Agile workflow to help evolve the digital capabilities of our clients to ensure that they are delivering fast, high-quality digital experiences for their customers. Whether that’s emerging tech, web applications, AR&VR, mobile, cloud or legacy integrations.

If you need to augment your existing digital team or if you’re lacking specific skills and need a project delivered in a highly-regulated industry, Waracle is your ideal partner.

Hi, I’m Christina. Im a process mapping specialist who converts recommendations into scrum activities and growth strategies. I’ve worked in MNC, startups, NGOs in a range of industries. Nice to meet you all and keen to see what new opportunities we can develop!

Hi Christina – nice to have you join this new community. Jon

Hi folks, I’m Claire Thorpe, head of marketing at Isosec. We exhibited at the conference and it was fantastic to catch up with customer, partners, and the digital health team. It seems that since the conference closed the world has been a very different place! As a supplier at the heart of providing cloud based authentication solutions to the NHS, it’s been a round the clock job for our team this week helping as many NHS workers remote access to their systems securely and quickly. If it’s of interest to anyone here’s a bit more on how we can help

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I am Eiman Kanjo, Associate Professor at Nottingham Trent University, I lead a team of researchers, developers and technologists, with focus on digital wellbeing, smart places/environment, wearables &Edge Computing, data science, technologies for tackling wellbeing, Mental Health Social Netowork, Visualisations, Mapping, the use of proximity detecion, bluetooth and wireless technology for behaviour change.
I am hoping to discuss some of my ideas on how to takle Covid-19 and other infectious diseases using tech.