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If you need private chat or chat groups without sharing their mobile number(like WhatsApp) I’ve found the Hospify app in the nhs app library relatively straightforward to use.

It is free for anyone not just clinicians.

PS We have 600+ staff signed up at LNWUH Nhs trust

Thanks Stephen for flagging Hospify up in this forum and for handling the roll-out of Hospify at London North West so efficiently. Yes, the platform is scaling up well at the moment. Our daily sign-ups are up over 100x, we’ve had over 30 Trusts sign up to try our team portal (the Hospify Hub) since the beginning of March, and we’ve had regional compliance sign offs by Devon CCG and Cardiff & Vale Health board. There’s obviously plenty of info on our website, the app itself is on Apple and Android and free for anyone, clinician or patient, to download and use, and if you have any questions we have a staffed online helpdesk at support@hospify.com.

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